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  • Expecting Puppies

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    Wow's pregnancy was confirmed on ultasound yesterday (4/14/15). There appears to be several puppies waiting to be born. The vet and his assistant said between 8 and 10. I am sure that I saw at least 7 … more

  • Puppies

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    Congratulations to Jim and Mary on their new puppy from Disco (Wintersong N Doubletake's High High Hopes) and Star (Wintersong N Doubletake's Silver Star). He was the blue boy in the litter born 2/25/ … more

  • Dora had puppies!

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    Dora had 10 puppies on November 4th, 2013. It was an exceptionally easy deliver for that many puppies and Dora was a great mom. We kept a lovely girl and named her Breeze (Wintersong N Doubletake's … more

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