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Ch. Wintersong's Little Explorer CA

AKC Number: WS32099601
Birthdate: October 29, 2009
Pedigree: Click Here


Hips: SA-16047E34F-VPI - EXCELLENT
Eyes: SA-373745 Tested June 2016
Progressive Retinal Atrophy:  SA-PRA728/80F-PI NORMAL / CLEAR
Retinal Dysplasia / OSD: SA-RDY527/80F-PI  NORMAL
Advanced Cardiac:   SA-ACA23/79F-VPI NORMAL AO/CONG, AUSC ONLY 
Degenerative Myelopathy : SA-DM8/80-PI  NORMAL
Hereditary Nephritis: SA-HN2/80F-PI  NORMAL / CLEAR
Multiple Drug Resistance: SA-MD1-1/80F-PI-N/N  NORMAL / NORMAL

Dora is a wonderful charmer. She is pushy, and demanding all bundled up in a cute, loveable package. Dora is excellent at the wheeled rig and weight pull and shows great potential in herding. She had her first major win before she was one year old and got both her major wins completely out of coat. She has amazing structure and movement. Dora is also an amazing mother. On her first litter she had the 10th puppy outside in the freezing cold wind when she went outside to potty. She promptly grabbed it up and brought it straight to me. The puppy was fine and had no problems. She handled the litter of 10 like it was easy and took excellent care of all of them.