Special Dogs from Our Past

Special Dogs from Our Past

Tobil-Rexann Musical Fantasy - Fancy

Fancy was a marvelous Christmas surprise in 1999. I had been working out details on a co-ownership for Fancy and my husband and my son, Shaun worked with Fancy's owner/breeder and made her magically appear Christmas morning! It is, by far, the best Christmas present I have ever received. Fancy is the foundation for Wintersong. She has produced Group Placing and Group Winning dogs in each of her three litters. She is the mother and grandmother of many Wintersong Champions. I got my first 5-point major win with Fancy. Fancy lived to be 12 and it was heartbreaking when she left us but we are thankful for the legacy she left behind.

Wintersong-Rexann Moonshine - Shianne

Shianne, a Fancy daughter, died at a very young age as a complication of pregnancy. She was carrying only one puppy and it died causing her to be in serious danger. Although she survived the emergency surgery and was expected to come home the next day she died a short time later. She is sorely missed by us all but especially by her owner Amy. Shianne produced 2 beautiful daughters and one held the record for youngest Samoyed to earn an AKC Championship for over 5 years. Bless you Shianne for all that you are and all that you gave! We will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge!

Rexann's True To My Heart - Jody

Jody was bred by Kathy Bube of Rexann Samoyeds and was named in honor of Kathy's mother, long-time Sammy breeder, JoAnn Stage. Jody was co-owned and loved by Amber Brooks who showed her in Junior Showmanship. She is the mother of our AKC Eukanuba National Invitational Best Bred By Exhibitor winner, Kodi and our Group Placing girl, Nubbins. Jody was our dancing doll and was a delight to everyone that met her. Thank-you, Kathy Bube, for letting her grace our lives. I am so grateful for her daughters and grandchildren!

Wintersong's Heart Of My Heart - Nubbins

July 1, 2004 - October 31, 2013

Nubbins, like her father Shaker, earned her Championship at 10 months of age. She was from the first litter sired by Shaker. Like her mother Jody she is a dancing doll, full of energy and excitement. She was a Group Placer and mother to several Champions and Group Placers.. Nubbins was loved by everyone that knew her and was invited to live with several different friends of mine. She never left because while she loved everyone she was one of the few that I could not let go. She carried a big piece of my heart and left a big hole when she died.


Nubbins- Champion Wintersong's Heart of My Heart- group placer-the girl everyone thought was a pet (during puppy evals) AND she was -she was my pet! July 1. 2004 to October 31, 2013. Her last show at this years National meant so much to her and to me! Nubbins motto was, "Love the One Your With and Share as Much Love as You Can in This Life." Completely sick at age 9 after 4 litters of pups she was still completely balanced and single tracked front and rear. Awesome structure, awesome temperament, fabulous girl. I was so blessed to know her. She touched so many people, talked people (Julie Lance Burke) into bending the rules for her, was amazingly inventive (opening all the gates to let everyone out and getting my son and his friends blamed for it). She truly was the Heart of My Heart! Run free sweet Nubbins!